Transformation through application.

We invest in the transformation of fundamental industries and processes

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Our Thesis

We live in a golden age of innovation as new technologies, from machine learning to quantum computing, enable unprecedented advancements. But for innovation to result in transformation, an application layer - a means of integrating new technologies into established systems - is required. This is particularly true for the fundamental industries that underpin our global economy. For these complex networks, processes are the entry point of transformation.

We invest in the transformation of fundamental industries and processes.

Our Investment Criterium

We invest in companies that embody the following

Dual Use Technologies

Companies that are supportive of national defense efforts with the opportunity to capture growth in the commercial sector.

Fundamental Industries

Innovating legacy industries that are rooted in the industrial sector. Modern startup building transformational technology and operations analogous to the intercontinental railroads for transportation or Haber Bosch formula for agriculture.

Strategic Capital Mix

The genesis of VC included financial capital and human resources from public universities, private investors, and government agencies working together.


We prefer to co-invest in early stage companies while holding ample reserve capital for follow on opportunities.

Our Portfolio