Our Investments

We believe in an active thesis. Born in the heart of the pandemic, we’re comfortable with rapidly evolving environments and invest accordingly. While our thesis of “investing in the transformation of fundamental industries and processes” provides a guiding framework, it does not specify investment verticals.

Instead, we use innovation as a signal for transformation. As we go deeper in one vertical, it may lead us to another. Our investments in the global supply chain led us to recognize the transformation occurring in manufacturing, which led to exploratory investments in both space and agriculture. Our thesis serves as a north star; however, our evolving perspectives on rapidly transforming industries dictate where we invest.

From an investment standpoint, we are active early stage investors that have invested from Seed to Series C, with a majority in Seed and Series A.

Investment Clusters


Investing in startups focused on servicing earths needs and problems via the geography of space.

Autonomous Robotics

Investing in startups that are filling the labor void across critical checkpoints in manufacturing and logistical operations.


Investing in companies that leverage innovations from the last decade to transform manufacturing processes from the last century.

Supply Chain

Investing in companies that are modernizing the global supply chain.


Preliminary investments in high potential areas that can spawn future clusters.